EQ Updates for July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022

*** Highlights ***

– The Miragul and Phinigel servers have merged into Vox.

*** Items ***

– Trinket of the Far Frozen Wastes will now teleport you to a less dangerous location.
– Frightening Food Flask and Ashen Ampule will now give stacks of 20 food and/or drink items per use.
– Fixed an issue with “Raediva Nostrum” displaying the wrong lore text.
– Updated the spell Sympathetic Minion attached to Faded Orb of the Magus, Glowing Orb of the Magus, Splendid Orb of the Magus, Brilliant Orb of the Magus, and Radiant Orb of the Arch Magus so that it summons swarm pets.
– Suffix titles for Ogre and Feir’Dal Heritage crates will now show correctly in reward previews.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Shei Vinitras Raid and Mission: Slightly reduced the height of the Auras on the sweepers datiar xi tekar in this event to reduce the likelihood that players on the raised platform will be hit.
– The following achievements have been temporarily removed while we investigate issues with the underlying quests:
– – The Hero’s Journey – Ak’Anon Quests – Tinmizer’s Fabulous Compactor
– – The Hero’s Journey – Cabilis Quests – Blood Ink
– – The Hero’s Journey – Cabilis Quests – Illweed Parchment
– – The Hero’s Journey – Neriak Quests – Death of Lyda Nasin
– – The Hero’s Journey – Oggok Quests – Craknek Hero
– – The Hero’s Journey – Surefall Glade Quests – Gnoll Paws
– Additionally, the following achievement now indicates that the quest as written is meant for Paladins – The Hero’s Journey – Erudin Quests – Fisherman Convert.

*** Spells ***

– Magician – Fixed an error with the body type of pets summoned by Monster Summoning spells that prevented Reclaim Energy from working as expected.

*** AA ***

– Archetype – Sympathetic Amplification – Added a new 7-rank passive AA available to Druids, Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers, Rangers, Shaman, and Wizards that increases the base effectiveness of spell-triggered magical effects from equipped weapons and augments by a percentage. Rank 1 of this new AA can be purchased at level 80, if the Underfoot expansion is unlocked, and all ranks are eligible for auto-grant.
– Bard – Focus – Troubadour’s Synergy – Fixed an issue that prevented Troubadour’s Synergy Effect from removing Troubadour’s Synergy upon triggering. Also fixed an issue that caused Troubadour’s Synergy to interact unexpectedly with Necromancer’s Necrotize Ally.
– The Bard and Shadow Knight AAs Funeral Dirge and T`Vyl’s Resolve have seen unsustainable growth over the last several expansions. As a result, both spells are now notably more powerful than is healthy for overall class balance. The following changes have been made to bring these spells back in line.
– – Funeral Dirge
– – – Increased the maximum duration of the base spell at max rank to 66 seconds
– – – Made the base spell unresistable
– – – Reduced the incoming melee damage debuff of the base spell at ranks 23-26 to 22%
– – – Increased the fade damage of the Shrieking Death proc across ranks 1-22 to a maximum of 35,000 damage
– – – Reduced the fade damage of the Shrieking Death proc across ranks 23-26 to a maximum of 75,000 damage
– – T`Vyl’s Resolve
– – – Reduced the reuse time of the base spell at max rank to 8 minutes
– – – Increased the damage of the initial melee skill attacks across all ranks to a maximum of 900 damage per attack
– – – Made the Weakness proc unresistable
– – – Increased the incoming melee damage debuff of the Weakness proc at ranks 1-2 to 16% and 18%
– – – Reduced the incoming melee damage debuff of the Weakness proc at ranks 4-7 to 20%

*** Overseer ***

– Fixed an issue with the Overseer Quest, Recruit Bimbalicus the Soulbleeder, that caused Bimbalicus to be a required agent… when recruiting Bimbalicus.
– New Achievement Category
– – “Overseer” has been added as a new achievement category
– – Achievements in this category are “World” achievements, meaning they can only be completed once per world for a given player account – As a result, all rewards granted by these achievements either apply to every character on a given account and world or can be traded between characters on the same account and world
– New Achievement Types
– – “Special” achievements are for collecting Overseer Agents from outside of the Overseer feature, such as Fippy Darkpaw (more on him below)
– – “Holiday” achievements are for completing seasonal Overseer Quests – The first achievement in this category is for the Scorched Sky event but expect more soon!
– – “Faydwer Agents” are achievements for collecting the current set of non-special, non-holiday Overseer Agents
– – “Faydwer Quests” are achievements for reaching higher levels in each of the main Overseer Quest categories; Plunder, Military, Stealth, Crafting, Harvesting, Research, Diplomacy, Trade, and Exploration
– New Achievement Rewards
– – Achievements for completing Holiday Overseer Quests and collecting Common, Uncommon, and Rare Overseer Agents grant Sealed Tetradrachm Coffers, which are Heirloom items that can be consumed to gain a large number of Tetradachm currency
– – Achievements for collecting Elite Overseer Agents grant several unique rewards; the Gnomish Hovering Transport mount, the Visage of the Bixie Worker illusion, and 10 Flame-Scorched Ornaments
– – Achievements for reaching higher levels in each main Overseer Quest category grant numerous Agent Packs
– – Achievements for reaching max level in multiple Overseer Quest categories grant 3 exclusive Elite Overseer Agents; Avatar of Anashti Sul, Avatar of Luclin, and Avatar of Quellious
– New Quests
– – Several new Overseer Quests have been created for each of the new Elite Overseer Agents, including recruitment quests that become available once their requisite achievements are completed
– Starter Bundle Changes
– – The Overseer Starter Bundle, when purchased from the marketplace, now completes the new Overseer – Special – Collect Fippy Darkpaw achievement, which in turn grants the Overseer Starter Bundle item
– – This change lets a player who has already purchased this bundle gain the purchased item on every world where they have a character, including the world they originally redeemed the item
– – Additionally, Fippy Darkpaw now has his own recruitment quest that becomes available once the Collect Fippy Darkpaw achievement is completed

*** Progression Servers ***

– Expedient Recovery can no longer be used in combat enabled zones on level locked servers.
– Enabled /pickzone in Jaggedpine Forest.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Corrected an issue with targeting offline characters from the group window.
– Disabled Bloom Lighting by default.
– Added the /memspellslot command which allows memorizing a spell into a specific spell gem slot. The command accepts two parameters: the spell gem slot and the spell’s name or ID.
– The client will now always launch in windowed mode rather than fullscreen.
– /tar, /con, and social emotes like /dance and /hug should now work with pet names and %m.
– Added a default of fellowship auto-consent for corpse dragging. This can be changed by setting AutoConsentFellowship=0 under Defaults in a character’s .ini file.

*** UI ***

– Fixed the weapon ratio in the Item Display Window to be updated correctly for players below the recommended level.
– Added additional options to /advloot to allow for setting an option for all loot in the window. Example: “/advloot shared setallto leaveall”. See the Advanced Loot help window for more details.
– Fixed the advanced loot window getting into a bad state after the /kickplayers raid command is used.
– Updated the Target Window to no longer require Target_HPPercLabel to be present.

– Changed –

– EQUI_Animations.xml
– EQUI_Templates.xml

*** Previously Updated ***

– Agents of Change – Fixed the minimum level check to enter AoC instances on Vaniki.
– Vaniki: Added a version of the Ireblind Imp for the berserker epic that will spawn in Agent of Change instances of Fear before Omens of War launches.
– Vaniki: Lowered a level check made by Kelkim Menkia for the bard epic.
– Vaniki: Lowered a level check made by Elder Animist Dumul for the beastlord epic.
– Vaniki: Increased the global rare spawn chance on Vaniki by 50%.
– The Level Locked Progression challenges that grant titles now grant 999 quantity.
– Fixed a zone crash related to Divine Intermediation and similar effects.

– The EverQuest Team