Qindaar Gives Up!

Qindaar has spent almost three months in Jaggedpines and has decided to move on.  After about two months of trying to get Fiercewind to spawn he is giving up and moving on to try again some other day.  Qindaar hates that this is the last MoB he needs to complete the Hunters Quest for Jaggedpines but boredom has set in along with frustration.  It is time to move on!

Qindaar experienced this once in the Field of Bones and moved oin there as well but came back after accomplishing other tasks.  He will do the same here.

Happy Hunting!

October 18, 2023 EverQuest Updates

October 18, 2023

*** Highlights ***

– Removed True Box from Mangler, Aradune, Mischief, and Thornblade.
– The Target of Target window has been converted to the new UI engine.

*** Items ***

– Marked the following as quest items:
— Fractured, Warped, Distorted, and Phased Primeval and Coeval Luminessence and Incandessence
— Palladium, Iridium, and Rhodium Encrusted Clays
— Coin, Emblem, and Amulet of Brell
– Crucible Steel two-handed weapon ornaments will now work on two-handed blunt weapons.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Corrected an issue where lockout modifiers would not affect shared task lockouts if you left the task or went offline before it was finished.

*** Spells ***

– Heal and damage over time spells are now affected by Heal Amount and Spell Damage modifiers, respectively.

*** AA ***

– Bard – Updated all ranks of Troubadour’s Synergy to focus the last 2 spells in both the Insult and Disdain lines.

*** Overseer ***

– The confirmation box when starting an Overseer quest has been removed.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Randomized Old Man McKenzie loot on randomized loot servers.
– Removed True Box from Mangler, Aradune, Mischief, and Thornblade.
– Added the no encounter lock flag to various NPCs.
– Character transfers from Ragefire to Mangler are now allowed.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Corrected an issue where instance lockouts could sometimes double.
– Modified the /follow command to ignore “%t” as a parameter, as following the current target is the default behavior.
– Corrected an issue that could allow a raid to request an expedition while already having one active.
– Shrouding will now close multiple windows that may become unusable in your new form.

*** UI ***

– Corrected an issue where achievement chat filters would not save their settings when turned off.
– Corrected an issue where messages from another player drinking alcohol would not go to the Food and Drink Messages filter.
– The Target of Target window has been converted to the new UI engine.
– Fixed item icons lingering in the inventory after being donated for Tribute.
– Fixed items sometimes not highlighting in the inventory.
– Viral spells now show Viral Range and Spread Time in the Spell Display window.
– Resized columns in Alt. Currency will be saved after logging out.

– Added –

– TargetOfTargetWindow.html

– The EverQuest Team

Fiercewind, Does he Exist?

Qindaar has been hunting in Jaggedpines for two months or more now.  Trying to accomplish the hunter’s questline and have just Fiercewind to kill.  I have killed thousands of placeholders so far and cannot get him to spawn.  I hate to move on with just one MoB to get but I am tired of the same routine hour after hour, day after day.  A decision must be made, move on are live forever in Jaggedpines..