Trying to get Back Into the Swing

2015-07-18_23-03-25 2015-07-18_23-07-50Qindaar ventured out last Saturday evening with Vmalice and a couple of others from the Guild – Veterans Crew. We did a few this in Dead Hills and then one of the others needed to get flagged for the Plane of War, so Qindaar tagged along on that to get his flag as well.

The evening was fun with a lot of killing of MoB’s to get to the named to get the flag. Now Qindaar is tasked with making a Zekarian Stonewwod Compound Bow with an embedded Zekarian Diamond to turn in.  Since Qindaar is a wizard and not a huntsman his fletching skills are zero.  Wizards usually do not carry a bow, but what the hell he will give it a try.

So Qindaar will be heading off to the Plane of Earth to forage for the parts.