Trekking My Way to 100

2015-11-26_13-20-58 2015-11-30_14-58-24 2015-11-30_14-58-35Qindaar went back to working on the Hero’s Quest once again after achieving enough XP in level 99 to battle in Sarith, City of Tides. These MoB’s are seven levels below Qindaar but hit like equals, obviously this is not a zone to solo in as a Wizard until you have sufficient XP. Another thing that makes this zone difficult for a soloing Wizard is the fact that the MoB’s all summon, so there is no root and nuke because they pull you right into the battle.

It is nice to get into a new zone to work after spending so much time in Shard’s Landing and running dailies.  Dailies are still a good source of XP even at level 99 but it is slowing down.  I imagine once Qindaar hits 100 dailies will no longer be worth running.

Back to battling in Sarith and hopefully level 100 in a weeks time!