Sucked Up Into The Leveling

2015-10-23_10-00-34Qindaar has found himself sucked into the “got to get to the next level” quandary.  While he has been trying to avoid this and experience every aspect of the game, as he nears the 105 level the pull is more intense to reach it.

He has been running daily’s everyday in the hopes of leveling faster, but now the daily’s are only giving 4 or 5 percent, he is currently 57% into level 101.  At the current rate of XP it will take almost two more weeks to get to 102.

I went back to reexamine the quest line that Qindaar was working and need to finish it up, the problem now becomes grouping and raiding.  We can manage all the solo aspects but trying to get up a group is difficult.  I hate to reach out to the guild since the hours I play are not conducive to the hours the rest of the guild plays. I have looked at other guilds, but there seems to be very few guilds left.  A server change may be in order to find one with more West Coast peeps.  But then again raiding has always been my issue since I do not want a game to control my RL.

Well, back to leveling….