Level 103 and Halfway to 104

2016-02-25_10-16-42 2016-02-26_11-16-43 2016-02-27_22-01-47 2016-02-27_22-01-58Qindaar is working towards level 104.  Been working in Tainted West Karana for some time now, progress is slow.  The scenery is beautiful with many different sections.  Some of the MoB’s hit hard some do not.  I have also noticed that the range of hit-points on a target differs greatly even if the con dark blue. While some of the dark blues can be taken down with just a few spells others take Qindaar down with just a few hits.  Conning a MoB does not necessarily indicate that you can fight and win without assistance.

Tonight we are going to attempt to take out the scarecrows to complete quest.  Again, some of these scarecrows are easy while others are impossible.  Will update you all in the next blog.