Two Boxing with a Wizard and A Cleric

Wizard and Cleric in Shard's Landing

Qindaar and Derevaun in Shard’s Landing

Vmalice was unable to play this past weekend so I decided to two box with Qindaar my Wizard and Derevaun my Cleric.  Been working away to get Derevaun leveled to be able to play in our weekend group.  Also trying to become accustomed to playing two toons at the same time.  Macro’s and timing are your friends when doing this.

Shard’s landing is a good place for the Cleric at level 98, with most things conning dark blue and white.  He can easily solo with just his merc warrior if needed.  Qindaar is there for backup in case of trouble, like a double pull or a train, so he can evac everyone to safety.

Hopeful Vmalice will be back on this weekend so we can continue in Gnome Mountain.  Trying to get the deflecting shield-Gear from one of the Boss’s.

Anyone out there that subscribes have any experience with IS Boxer, let me know in the comment section below.  It looks like a great tool for multiple toons, but also looks extremely difficult to set up.