Are the New Expansions for EverQuest Worth the Cost?

I have been playing EQ since its inception.  22 plus years is a long time for a game to run and kudos to the fan base and companies htat have continued to pick it up and run with it.

My biggest two gripes currently with the game is:

  1. the cost of the new expansions which are nothing more than reworks of older zones and a bunch a freebies thrown in.  When will the developers come up with something new.
  2. Grouping…Nearly impossible.  So many people 2,3,4 boxing.  For what purpose?  To race to the top[ of the level number?  Are you actually enjoying the game?

I have been playing for a long time and there are many places I have not seen, many quests I have not done.  So many things I cannot do because you need a group.

It is time to either revitalize the game or just let it die off.  It is no longer a social event it is how fast can I reach the level cap.

I will continue to play, I have a life long membership, but I yearn for the good old days when I knew tons of people and could always get a group.

Just my opinion and thoughts.