EQ Game Updates for February 15, 2022

February 15, 2022

*** Highlights ***

– Type 3 augments have been created for Terror of Luclin spells. They can be found on vendors in the new Maiden’s Eye.
– Made several improvements to the logic used when entering a zone with multiple instances. See the Miscellaneous section for details.
– Ported the servers and clients to 64 bit versions. Now with more bit-ness!

*** Items ***

– Reduced the power of focus effects on Terror of Luclin blood-soaked items to match Claws of Veeshan raid item focus effects.
– Augments awarded by Terror of Luclin achievements will now require a Class XXI solvent to remove them.
– Shadow Broadsword Ornament no longer looks like a katar when applied to a hand-to-hand weapon.
– Snowstorm weapon ornamentations now only have 1-hand, 2-hand, bow and shield requirements.
– Many weapon ornaments will now fit in more items. Restrictions have been relaxed.
– Type 3 augments have been created for Terror of Luclin spells. They can be found on vendors in the new Maiden’s Eye.
– Visage of the Faydark Forest Guardian illusion should now have a better camera height, and now also casts levitation.
– Waning Gibbous Dragonbrood Wristguard should now have a more appropriate icon.

*** Tradeskills ***

– Luclin Sparkling Water can now be made with Ice or Chunk of Ice.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Shei Vinitras’s corpse will no longer despawn with loot when defeated in Ka Vethan.
– Corrected an issue where the quest “Organ Trail” would be impossible for a high level character to complete.
– Doomshade – Put in a speculative fix for possible instance of Boom Shade being cast twice. Note that Shade’s Doom is cast on two targets at a time, and so the spell can be doomed twice at the same time from different targets.
– Rabbits found in The Eastern Wastes of modern Velious and the Basilica of Adumbration on modern Luclin now correctly count towards the Slayer achievement, Pesticide.
– City zones – Fixed an issue with Santug Claugg spawning during the Frostfell celebration event.
– Added a replay timer of 30 minutes to all Agents of Change instances.
– Free the Goranga (Raid) – Corrected an issue where the chest would not always contain loot.

*** Spells ***

– Altered the stacking blockers on Persistence, Shadewell Keeper, Hand of the Dreaming Keeper, Luclinite Skin, and Luclinite Blessing so they stack in the preferred manner.
– Beastlord – Increased the mana cost and damage dealt by Frozen Blight.
– Berserker – The description for Axe of Xin Diabo now refers to the correct item name.
– Druid – Slightly altered the AC of Opaline Blessing so it overwrites and blocks Opaline Skin. Adjusted the blockers so it will block Righteousness, Stormwall Keeper, and Hand of the Stormwall Keeper.
– Druid – Players who have already claimed ranks 2 or 3 of Sootheseance will have the appropriate rank of Moonwhisper Crystals added to their spellbook. Players who have already claimed ranks 2 or 3 of Cinch of Ro will have the appropriate rank of Howling Hail added to their spellbook.

*** NPCs ***

– Ka Vethan raid basepop will no longer respawn.
– Netherbians in the raid instance of Umbral Plains can now see invisible and not invisibility to undead, as befits the undead they are.
– In many dialogues and task descriptions, our Faeries have taken a unified front in terms of the spelling of their people. Note that this does not include items or shrouds.
– The faction for Faeries in the Greater and Lesser Faydarks now has the updated spelling.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Removed the player cap for Muramite Proving Grounds.
– Players on Agnarr can now transfer to Mangler, Rizlona, and Aradune.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Made the following improvements to the logic used when entering a zone with multiple instances:
– – Players in a raid will be put into the base instance of a zone unless their reason for zoning requires otherwise, such as being resurrected or teleporting to a campfire.
– – Players will enter the same zone as their group, even if no group member is in the destination zone. There is still a very small chance the group is split if a new instance spawns while the group is zoning.
– – Teleportation spells such as Tranquility Portal will always send you to the base zone. Visions of Argan (cast by Baraguj Szuul in Plane of Torment) and Evacuation spells will send you to the same zone.
– Increased the AC soft cap for levels 116 to 120.
– Corrected an issue with the guild tribute “Aura of Preservation” where the AC was not increasing correctly with ranks XIII, XIV, and XV.
– The zone line to Bloodfalls within the Castle of Mistmoore is now findable and will also function with the zone guide.
– Activating familiar pet illusion items should now cast the proper effect depending on your target.
– Corrected an issue that allowed NPCs to move if one of their root debuffs wore off, but they still had another active.
– Corrected the position of the elevator in the Castle of Mistmoore.
– Heroic characters can no longer be sacrificed for Essence Emeralds until they reach level 86.

*** UI ***

– The links generated from clicking Link All in the Loot Window are now complete and less broken.
– Added additional loading screen tips to describe Membership Perks.
– Updated the text of the help page for the server select screen’s chat window.
– Updated the Options window to consistently show the Target Extended Target keybinds.

– The EverQuest Team