EQ Updates for September 21, 2022

September 21, 2022

*** Highlights ***

– Added the ability to output a filtered (Complete, Open, and/or Locked) list of your achievements using either a new button in the achievements window or the slash command: /outputfile achievements.
– Level 100 Heroic Characters are now available on servers that have unlocked Torment of Velious.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Mata Muram (Raid) – Added a speculative fix to ensure Mata Muram does not target people in ‘hover mode’ with his gaze.
– Free the Goranga (Raid) – Targets of the shadow chains effect will no longer be hit by the moonfall effects, so they can run as far away as they would like. Messaging has been added to let the target know when the chains protect them from the moonfall.
– Theater of Blood Access – The Twisted Harmonic Chime will now attune to you. Click it to attune, then click it again to teleport. You will only need to complete the attune step once.
– Kreljnok’s Sword of Eternal Power – The map in East Wastes will no longer lie to you about Larnik’s location. Additionally, Larnik can now be found after 4 to 6 hours following his last defeat.
– Demiplane of Blood Progression – Congealed Blood of Redfang, Rune-Etched Stone, Shrunken Head, and Sister’s Handkerchief are five times more likely to drop from the creatures that drop them.
– Added an additional Eye of Yar`Lir and Eye of Vishimtar to the chest that drops in their raid.
– Essedera should be available again in Eastern Wastes (Torment of Velious).
– Altered the method used to give rewards for Terror of Luclin raids. The new method should be more tolerent of characters who are zoning at the time the rewards are granted. This includes flags and point currency but not the chest.

*** Spells ***

– Corrected an issue where hate could overflow to a lower value in a very long fight.

*** AA ***

– Activated abilities will be less likely to apply their reuse timer if they are interrupted by the caster zoning.

*** NPCs ***

– Marcia Attamilgad has decided to change the price she’ll pay for a few items that aren’t as rare as they once were.
– Phinigel Autropos, Dracoliche, Dread, and Terror are now immune to crowd control effects.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Mount blessings for knight classes should now apply during the intended active expansions on progression servers.
– Evolving items on Level Locked servers can now evolve when the owner is up to 10 levels lower than the item’s required level.
– Teleport items rewarded on Vaniki have had their recast timers reduced, can be placed in housing, and no longer share recast timers with other teleport items.
– Elder Animist Dumul in Shar Vahl will accept the Copper Medal of War at level 50 on most servers or 40 on level capped servers.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Made improvements to how achievements are processed to further reduce zone lag.
– Experience gain messages will now also display the percentage gained. This change currently only applies to regular experience (not AA).
– Return Home should refresh in some cases where the zone you are trying to enter is unavailable.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when removing an overflow item.
– Creating a Heroic Character on the Test server will now decrement your count of Heroic Character Consumables Pack.
– The safe point in Chardok has been moved to the zone-in point when entering from the Burning Woods.
– Some typos have been resolved in Shar Vahl flavor text. This does not affect any quest lines.

*** UI ***

– Your current target should now be highlighted with an outline of their consider color in the Extended Target Window.
– Updated the default location for hotbars 1-4 and updated bars 3-4 to show by default.
– Fixed an issue that would add a duplicate item when using Link All from the Advanced Loot Window.
– Updated the Bazaar and Merchant windows to include commas in the price of items.
– Clicking on the Extended Target Window but not on a target should keep your current target and no longer target yourself.
– Updated the Combat Skills Window to save the sorted column.
– Right-clicking a combat ability hotkey will now open up the Combat Skills window and select that combat ability.
– Alphabetized the list of commands when using /help.
– Updated the Claim window to better indicate if a feature is unavailable to claim.
– Fixed a problem with the Chat Options button on the Login Server’s chat window being inaccessible.
– Added tooltip information explaining what the aggro numbers in Group and the Extended Target windows mean.
– Added the ability to output a filtered (Complete, Open, and/or Locked) list of your achievements using either a new button in the achievements window or the slash command: /outputfile achievements.

– Changed –


*** Previously Updated ***

– Fixed a bug that could result in unexpected results when making a tradeskill combine.
– The progression AA Gift of the Dark Reign, Tenacity of the Dark Reign, Embrace of the Dark Reign, Power of the Dark Reign, and Fervor of the Dark Reign now require level 60.

– The EverQuest Team