Hunter Quests and New Characters

Now that Qindaar is level 120 I thought it would be a good time to go back and relive some all zones.  There is no better way than to look at the progression tabs.  I decided I would attempt to do all the Hunters Quests starting in Kunark.

I found that doing them alone with Qindaar was difficult and to find others to do such low level zones was also just as difficult I created several new Characters to help.  A ranger for tracking and a Rogue for Lockpicking.  Between these two I have managed to get through quite a few Quests so far.

It is very time consuming and at times very aggravating waiting for spawns or even triggering them.  I found Field of Bones impossible after spending a month running around there.

I am currently in the Swamp of No Hope with four named to still get out of thirty none.  Just four in the Froglock Berserker line.  I expect another three weeks at best before I get the last of them.