Update notes for July 11, 2023

July 19, 2023

*** Highlights ***

– The Coirnav server has been merged into Vox.

*** Items ***

– Kaznak’s Bulwark Emblem, Fragment of Ethereal Steel, Dour Blue, Sleeper’s Essence, Petrified Sharktooth, Sylra’s Trinket and Smoldering Core of Radir will now work on charms and range items with appropriate augment slots.
– Mixolydian Arpeggio on the on the Spectral Loremaster Breastplate and Loremaster Breastplate of Spectral Luminosity will now cast Masterful Mixolydian Root instead of Masterful Mixolydian Third.
– Geerlok Party Bot now has more appropriate lore text.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Added a replay timer to the task for the Bloodmoon Keep raid “Ralkor’s Crystals” and “The Soulbleeder Must Bleed” event.
– Fixed the Superior Standard to scale properly. Also adjusted the spell to add additional effects and account for the proper scaling.

*** Spells ***

– Magician – Adjusted damage values for the Shock Of Many spell line. All spells now do increased damage with fewer pets (tier 1) and many do increased damage with many pets (tier 2 and 3), but Shock, Jolt, Clash, Strike, and Barrage have had their tier 2 and 3 damage reduced.
– Corrected an issue where certain spell reagents (Essence Emeralds, Fuligan Soulstones of Innoruuk, and Cloudy Stones of Veeshan) would not be consumed.

*** AA ***

– Necromancer – Added Rank 11 of the Archetype AA Summon Corpse, which casts Thanatos’ Proclamation.
– Shaman – Fixed an issue with the Class AA Spirit Call that caused certain ranks to summon the wrong pet.
– Berserker – Updated Ranks 10 and 11 of the Focus AA Focus Arcslice to correctly focus Arcshear.

*** NPCs ***

– The general supplies merchant Duath Untez in Abysmal Sea can now send and receive parcels.

*** Overseer ***

– Several new event-specific Agents have been added to Overseer, available only during the Stone Cold Summer event in August.
– – A new line of event-specific Overseer Quests, available at all Overseer levels, are also available for a limited time during Stone Cold Summer.
– – New achievements, found in the Overseer >> Holiday category, have also been added for completing each of the new Stone Cold Summer event Overseer Quests.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Corrected an issue that could cause an Encounter Locked NPC to become unattackable if it killed the only person on its hatelist.
– Disarm will no longer affect NPCs that you cannot attack due to it being Encounter Locked to someone else.
– Updated the /yell command to unlock all Encounter Locked NPCs that you’re able to and added a one second reuse timer.
– Corrected an issue with Legacy experience bonuses appearing for other characters in the group who did not have a bonus.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– The /bug command will now only report target information for NPCs.
– World server lag during raid win completion and receiving rewards should be reduced.

*** UI ***

– Fixed the location of the Quantity Window when opening it from windows using the old UI engine, or when the UI scale is not 1.
– Fixed some spots on item cursor attachments.
– Fixed cursor trails sticking around when the UI is scaled below 1.0.
– Switching between windowed and full screen modes and resolutions should be more responsive and interactive.
– Fixed links in the Story Window. They now will either open into the story window (local files only) or in an external browser. It’s strongly recommended that players go through their existing custom story files and verify that any HTML is correct (all tags are properly closed, no missing quotation marks, etc.) to ensure they display properly.
– Guild banners have learned to include the zone instance number where they are planted.

– The EverQuest Team