What has Qindaar been up to lately?

Qindaar, the intrepid adventurer, has been on a whirlwind of quests and achievements! Let’s break down his recent escapades:

  1. Hunter’s Quests in The Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule:
    • Qindaar has been diligently pursuing his hunter’s quests within the eerie confines of the Accursed Temple. With determination, he has conquered half of these challenging quests. The temple’s dark secrets are slowly unraveling before him.
  2. Alternate Achievements (AA Points):
    • Weekends are Qindaar’s AA bonanza! He’s making impressive strides, accumulating a whopping 200 AA points each night. His focus? The coveted Focus achievements. These enhancements will undoubtedly serve him well in battles to come.
  3. New Armor for Level 125:
    • Qindaar is a practical warrior. While chasing achievements, he’s also piecing together his new armor set. The wrist, legs, and head pieces are still eluding him, but he’s determined to complete the ensemble. Level 125 awaits, and Qindaar won’t be caught unprepared!
  4. Anniversary Quests and the Tower of Tides:
    • The anniversary festivities are in full swing! Qindaar has already conquered the first floor of the Tower of Tides. The anticipation builds as he gears up for the second floor—a challenge he’ll conquer before the month’s end.

May the winds of fortune favor Qindaar as he continues his epic journey through realms unknown! ️️