Just Doing the Daily’s

Been a busy week with the Jewish Holydays and work and rebuilding the website since it was registered under an old domain, but I did manage to get some game time in.  Been doing the Daily’s with Jim and Robin every evening.  Qindaar likes to team up with Vmalice and Valmantia to die it seems.  Last night was sudden death twice over, or as Vmalice likes to say “rinse and repeat”


Qindaar has gotten himself a spiffy new ride to get around on, so he is happy as…  He also has been working diligently on a nine part quest, failed one part and cannot get the quest to reset, so may have to give up on that.

On another note, he needs to get his RKII spells, which means farming in the Feerott Dreams zone.  There are a few heavy hitters in the there as well, got taken out by a rather large spider.  Still can not figure out how it happened, but it did.

Have to wrap up the day now and head out for happy hour.  See you all in game.

Cazic-Thule Server.