Death Happens, But Life Goes On


Great night playing last night, once again Qindaar teamed up with Vmalice and Valmantia for daily’s.  We fought valiantly with a death occurring, not from a fight but zoning into it in the House of Thule-Grounds.  A named Treant took us all out in almost one blow.

Qindaar started the day by doing a level 80 Daily, unknowingly you must take all the daily’s you are planning to do at one time for each level.  Once you start there is no going back to get more, so last night Qindaar tagged along for the regular XP.  He got an AA point and a four percent boost to the next level.  So there was a lessoned learned there, take all the daily’s at once.

House of Thule-Grounds was hopping last night, the MoB’s seemed overly aggressive, everytime we turned around we were being attacked.  Finally we sat at the zone in for a few minutes for a restroom break, cigarette break or let the dogs out break, but when Vmalice returned he told us to stay put until he found a spot, once he did we all ran over to him.  Vmalice pulled like a champ last night without getting us killed.  As a matter of fact Valmantia asked him to pull faster, it was an awesome ongoing battle for about 35 minutes.  Finally it was time to go because RL was calling…actually the bed was calling.

It’s great to be back in the game again and I appreciate Vmalice and Valmantia there to lend support! Will try to get a group shot one evening to post.