Hardware Troubles Equals Death


Qindaar teamed up again last night with Valmantia and Vmalice for mayhem through the House of Thule. We were fighting, we were dying, but having a good go at it.  We kept trying to take down the Named Treant Kijaemz that keeps killing us, but so far he has wiped us each time.  The XP was great and I thought I would make my next level last night, when disaster struck.  My mouse quit functioning properly, I almost had to camp right where we were fighting but I couldn’t even get my mouse to do that.  Finally I managed to get out of the game without dying.

This morning I started up the machine, no mouse. I plugged in a different mouse and it worked, so I launched the software for my gaming mouse, a Razor Mamba and the software would not load.  I went online and download the driver and reinstalled and now all is well.  Too bad though, Qindaar could have been level 88 today.

Thank you Vmalice and Valmantia for putting up with my issues last night!