Ding 89! OMW to Hero Status


Yesterday Qindaar set out to explore and do something other than Daily’s.  Daily’s are an important tool to leveling at a rapid pace, but it leaves much of the game behind.  If all your trying to do is reach that magic 100, then Daily’s are for you.  If you are truly wanting to immerse yourself into a another world, explore all the lands and visit all the weird places the game has to offer then you need to accomplish achievements and quests.

As I stated yesterday, Qindaar decided to go for the Hero of EverQuest Status.  This is an extremely long process and yes you need to accomplish things you should have done at level1, but you can breeze through those.  So far Qindaar has accomplished the first five of the 36 tasks in the Progression Portion.  So there is a long way to go.  Then there are three more major sections to do.  This is a long journey, but I am thinking of all the cool places I will be visiting and some I will be visiting again.

Vmalice and Qindaar started out yesterday afternoon on the daily’s, we died on the second set so we waited until the evening for Valmantia to join us and finish them up.  Happy to say Qindaar in now Level 89.  Time to dust off the spells that have been sitting in storage waiting for this day.

Now back to becoming a hero!