Server Updates, Need to get Ready


The new expansion, “The Forbidden Sea” is currently being uploaded to the Sony Servers. Sony says it will be about 10 hours to update, which would make it 10am here on the West Coast, though I have never known them to be correct and it usually takes longer.

I have spent the morning downloading the new UI fixes for the custom UI I use from EQInterface and once the game is up, I am sure I will have to tweak that which will take some time.

Spent several hours yesterday working on achievements.  There was supposed to be some changes to achievement system in this patch but they were put off.  So far I have found that these achievements are not anything truly special.  They are usually a chain of quests that you would have done while you were leveling, that would be leveling and enjoying the content and not leveling by blowing through everything. So as I grind away on these I get to visit places I have not been, but the running back and forth on these chain quests is a bit tiresome.  Typically it takes about 45 – 60 minutes a quest, so at that rate it is going to take me 80 hours of game play to accomplish the Hero’s Adventure Achievement. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, it is something I want to do, but a warning that it is a slow progress that will take you away form serious leveling time.