Close but no Cigar

Temple of Tunare in Bloodmon Keep

Temple of Tunare in Bloodmon Keep

Qindaar took out the spider that he needed to work his way up to the Temple of Tunare in Bloodmon Keep.  He made it up to the temple after a ninety minute battle, once he reached the quest giver she had him go back to the jails to ask Elf prisoners about the voidsoul earring. Qindaar went back down and had to kill fifteen bloodmon orcs to get to the jail cells, of course it is the last cell in the hall. This is where Qindaar gave up for the night, since he now has to battle his way back up to the Temple of Tunare to give her the info that the elf passed on.  It is now midnight and RL is calling.  Will finish this up tomorrow to receive the last piece to reconstruct the Wereorc Mask.

The Battle of Spiders

Spiders in Bloodmon Keep

Spiders in Bloodmon Keep

Qindaar was battling away for over two hours to get to the room where the Spiders and Spiderfang Orcs were.  He reached the room and managed to take out all the Spiderfang Orcs.  He also needed to take out fifteen Spiders.  He was doing great, fourteen down one to go when all hell broke loose, he was surrounded by 20 spiders.  The cleric did her best to keep him alive until they all turned on her and killed her.  If it wasn’t for the instant evac spell Qindaar would have died in that room.  Heading back again tonight to attempt the last kill. Hope to get to the room in one piece.

Bloodmon Keep constant Battle

2015-01-27_14-48-09Been battling away in Bloodmon Keep all week to gather the pieces I need for the Wereorc Mask.  Qindaar has one more task to accomplish and that is to poison the Spiders food.  This should be fairly easy to do and hopefully he will find the VoidSoul Ring to finish up.  This zone is a constant battle area. Mana is a premium here, Qindaar uses Clarity and lots of meditation time and also keeps up a harvest spell.  So ow he is off to finish this up this afternoon or tonight.

Here are the items needed to finish this off:


EverQuest icon 1 x Handful of Wereorc Fangs – Quested
EverQuest icon 1 x Runed Wereorc Skin – Quested


Skill: Non-Tradeskill

Portable Containers

Back to loping Plains, Again!

An areal view of Bloodmon Keep in Loping Plains

An areal view of Bloodmon Keep in Loping Plains

For some reason Qindaar gets pulled back to this zone over and over.  He is currently questing the Wereorc head disguise. He has most of the pieces but misplaced the ruined skin so he is having to repeat the tasks but for some reason he is not getting the reward.  I will have to search through his inventory and see if he is holding onto it somewhere.

Qindaar is very close to dinging level 94 and I hope we can move on shortly from Loping Plains, it is getting tedious, plus it is a large zone so a lot of running around is required.

Game Updates Broke PoK

The cannon that launches you to the Fortress of Mechanotus

The cannon that launches you to the Fortress of Mechanotus

Qindaar is still working his way around the Fortress of Mechanotus.  He had to go into the Steam Factory again yesterday and died almost instantly as his Invisibility failed.  Robots hit hard and were no match for his Merceneray Healer.  It was less than ten seconds before he was dead.  Should have used instant evacuation, but died before I even realized how quickly he was going down.  Qindaar will make another attempt today, if death persists then he will have to move onto a new task until help arrives.

RL still in the Way

2015-01-21_09-13-57Qindaar has made no progress in the last two days and probably not today either, RL (real life) keeps getting in the way.  Sony did change the background pic finally, was getting tired of the Frostfell scene.

Check out the home page for new game updates as of this morning. See you in game soon!

RL got in the Way

cropped-mainpic.gifYesterday, Qindaar was not able to pickup his quest progression I had real life issues yesterday afternoon to attend to so Qindaar sat in Virtual Reality the whole day in the Guild Lobby.  Hopefully today we can pick up the progressions.

A thank you to all the new subscribers I picked up in the last two weeks, Welcome! If there any issues you want to chat about, let me know. I have four toons I play; a Wizard, a Cleric, a Rogue and a Ranger.

Harder than it Looked

2015-01-17_23-34-27Qindaar finally managed to finish the Steam Factory quest yesterday after a horrible dying experience Saturday night. Qindaar re-entered the Steam Factory with only three more kills needed to finish up, he did seventeen the night before. As he entered the first chamber where he previously had easily killed four, two took him down again.  Never the less he resurrected himself, entered again for the last kill.  Sometimes they look easier than they are.

Now Qindaar has to dismantle the oil rigs in Fortress Mech…. This again looks easy since he can do this while invisible, but we shall see.

A Horrible Death

2015-01-17_23-34-27Qindaar last night was questing in the Steam Factory, these little mechanical guys hit extremely hard. Qindaar made huge mistake and did not calculate a pull he made.  He thought he was pulling one but instead six came at him.  He fought valiantly and got down to two remaining but I was not watching his stats and he died. As Qindaar laid there on the floor of the Steam Factory he witnessed an intense fight between his dedicated Mercenary and the two remaining clockworks.  She fought bravely for fifteen minutes before being beaten into oblivion.  She fought well and deserves a hero’s death.

By then it was midnight, Qindaar only had three more tasks to the quest and could have gotten them but it was getting too late and with all the buffs gone I did not think he had it in him to continue.

Today is a new day, Qindaar will finish up  the Steam Factory and then catch himself a Spy to wrap up the Mech Fortress quests.

The Long and Short of it

fd99c891d82ad5ab1db2fb4c8b9db777Qindaar wrapped up a nine part quest last night that he started months ago and gave up.  Now that he progressed a few levels he re-tackled the quest which gave him the Augmentation of Purity pictured above. The Augment is for raiding gear once he gets there, it is nice to have when the time comes.

Qindaar has now gone back to the Heroic Adventure progressions and is currently working in the Mech Fortress, hopefully he can fisnish up this line of quests this weekend and go back to Loping Plains.  Loping Plains seems to be light Blightmoore, a never ending amount of quests before moving on.  Qindaar seems to have spent half his life in the zone, there is so many tings to do and good XP but not for the faint of heart, these MoBs hit hard and fast.