RL and death. 

Qindaar has been neglected for several days do to a death in the family. Spent the last couple of days in Long Beach for the funeral and visiting with family. Will be back in the game soon. 

Tome of Dark Power Nearing Completion

id10240[1]Qindaar is halfway through finding the missing pages to the Tome of Dark Power.  Doing the quest does not really add value to Qindaar’s power base but it does give you to opportunity to visit the lower Planes.  Been spending time in the Plane of Innovation, The Plane of Disease, The Plane of Justice and the Plane of Nightmare.

This has been a break for Qindaar to get away from the task line in the Steam Factory and the Mech Fortress.  Sometimes there are just too many things to accomplish in one area and you eventually bore of it, so taking a break gives you new insight into the zone the next time you venture in.  It is not unusual for Qindaar to have fifteen different task or quests to do in many different zones. Right now he is focused on cleaning things that have been started but never completed.  Need room in the bank!

Dilly Dallying

2015-02-07_23-35-34Qindaar decided to take it easy last night and not venture into the Stream Factory.  Instead he decide to do something easy and gather pages for the Tome of Dark Power.  He manage to get two of the eight needed, he may just do that again tonight before attempting re-entry to the Steam Factory which usually means death at least once if not more.  Robots hit HARD!

Introducing Derevaun Seraun

Derevaun Seraun

Derevaun Seraun

Wanted to introduce one of Qindaar’s sidekick, Derevaun a level 85 Heroic Cleric – on the dark side.  Decided to run him with Qindaar today to try two boxing, running to characters simultaneously.  It is not easy when both toons are casters, but Derevaun can sit aside invis’d and get some XP off Qindaar.  Will post pics.

Still Fighting in the Fortress

mechanotus-recyclersToday Qindaar is tasked with “Supplies for the Spies”, he has to travel to all the spots in the Fortress and deliver supplies to all the spies the Gurtrude has around and then at the end find and rescue one of them.  Qindaar has purchased the needed supplies from the Tinkerer Merchant in Cresent Reach and is now going to attempt to deliver them.a6e45709e12322fc2a52a8fe82d72e80This is one of the spies awaiting supplies.

Another Quest Down Many More to Go

Gurtrude the Spymaster

Gurtrude the Spymaster

Qindaar finished up the quest line of Disrupting the Fortress and is now faced with five tasks from Gurtrude the SpyMaster.  Was getting all set to work on these when Vmalice invited Qindaar to a group to run Dailies, which was a good thing, it gave Qindaar an additional twenty-three percent in XP towards level ninety five.  He said we would run again tomorrow, which should level Qindaar.

The new tasks for Gurtrude are:

Disable the Recycler
Disrupt the Workshop
Supplies for Spies
A Slave to the Grind

These should be OK for Qindaar to handle alone, we shall soon find out.

Death Becomes Him

2015-02-12_21-25-28Late last night Qindaar ventured into the Steam Factory once again to attempt to retrieve Alloy samples. He was very successful at that, using invisibility, picking up the Alloy and letting the MoB’s attack the cleric while he stood there.  Once all the MoB’s were on the cleric he cast a quick Evac Spell.  The problem lies in the fact that he still needs to kill five of the Foundry Laborers.  They are usually grouped together in clumps and it makes it near impossible to pick them off by ones or twos. He has one down, but was attacked by eight and died.  On the bright side, only four more to go.

Will I Ever Finish the Steam Factory?

2015-02-05_16-26-41This is what happens to Qindaar in the Steam Factory, DEATH!  This time doing something simple as picking up off the floor pieces of Alloy for a turn in and WHAM killed almost instantly. At least I got credit for the one piece with three more to go.  That equates to three more deaths!  Eventually I will get out of the Steam Factory and move on to Oceangreen Hills, but it will be a while until then at this rate.

Blueprints Gotten and Delivered

2015-02-07_23-35-34This afternoon Qindaar managed to retrieve the final blueprint needed from the Steam Factory.  He managed this without dieing which is quite a feat in this zone.  He delivered the blueprints and was now handed detonating devices to place around the Steam Factory to cause chaos and halt the Main MoB from gaining any further ground.  Tomorrow Qindaar will try to place these devices successfully.

Exciting Times in a New Zone

2015-02-07_20-33-48 2015-02-07_22-44-01 2015-02-07_23-35-34Over the Weekend, Friday night, Saturday night Vmalice and Qindaar teamed up and ventured into new zones to collect collectables. We spent many an hour in the zones pictured above and not one collectable dropped although previously, without Qindaar, Vmalice had amassed quite a few collectables.  This is not a zone that Qindaar can go to alone, everything was level ninety seven to one hundred five, so it would be a massacre.  Qindaar even had the opportunity to meet a fellow guild member.

Overall it was a good couple of nights with Qindaar getting a new ring and new shoulder pads, although the pads are useless until he gets to level one hundred.

Meanwhile back at the Steam Factory, Qindaar has managed to evade death and has three of the four items needed to complete the quest with several more lined up to finish up the Fortress area.  Looking forward to moving on.