A Horrible Death

2015-01-17_23-34-27Qindaar last night was questing in the Steam Factory, these little mechanical guys hit extremely hard. Qindaar made huge mistake and did not calculate a pull he made.  He thought he was pulling one but instead six came at him.  He fought valiantly and got down to two remaining but I was not watching his stats and he died. As Qindaar laid there on the floor of the Steam Factory he witnessed an intense fight between his dedicated Mercenary and the two remaining clockworks.  She fought bravely for fifteen minutes before being beaten into oblivion.  She fought well and deserves a hero’s death.

By then it was midnight, Qindaar only had three more tasks to the quest and could have gotten them but it was getting too late and with all the buffs gone I did not think he had it in him to continue.

Today is a new day, Qindaar will finish up  the Steam Factory and then catch himself a Spy to wrap up the Mech Fortress quests.