Qindaar is taking a short vacation and Vmalice his buddy will be playing him for a while. Hopefully he will get a couple of levels under his belt. 

Fun Times, But Failed Mission

EQ 16th AnnivQindaar and Vmalice teamed up Friday and Saturday night for a full out leveling experience.  First we ran daily’s on Friday night and then attempted

Anniversary Shared Task: Pirates of Timorous Deep

We managed to make it through until the last named kill.  Qindaar was killed instantly with one hit while Vmalice kited him around and around until he killed him.  We did not make in in the required amount of time and failed the mission.  Although we had a good time and the XP was great.

On Saturday night we ran daily’s again and Vmalice played his alt Vneareal.  We were running for XP all night.  Qindaar pulled off 10 AA points and 30+% of XP.  It was a good night.

Qindaar will now head back to the Mech Fortress to finish up the final tasks there and move on to a new adventure.

DING! Level 95

EQ 16th AnnivQindaar teamed up with Vmalice the other night to take out and clear the Steam Factory.  Vmalice helped Qindaar finish up the Supplies for the Spies quest, in which the last part was a raid.  The two of us and our Mercenaries were able to complete the task, there was death and destruction everywhere.  Vmalice is a Necromancer so his only thoughts in life are kill, in which he does easily.

After finishing up that we moved on to the daily’s and that is when Qindaar made his 95th level with ten more to go to max out.  It was great fun and hopefully we will be playing tonight.

Happy Sixteenth Anniversary to EverQuest

EQ 16th Anniv

Congratulations to EverQuest on its Sixteenth year anniversary, I have actively played for ten of those years, the first six and then a five year break and now back at it. I do miss the good old days when everything was not readily available and you drew the hand maps and had to find a cleric or Necromancer to resurrect your dead body, if you found it!

I still enjoy the game and it has added a lot of new features to advance the game even if you do not do Raids.

Once again, Congrats EQ for sixteen years of fun!

Qindaar Osto, Erimus McCrusher, Wiberian and Derevaun.



Qindaar has become obsessed with finding page 3 of the Compendium.  So far he has managed to find Girztal the Attendant once and when he did Girztal was not carrying the page.  Since then countless hours have been spent hunting this guy down again.  The problem with spending too much time on this is no XP, the MoB’s are all to low and all it takes is a minor spell to take them down.  Qindaar can train the entire zone and wipe ten at a time with one blast, so the work is tedious at best waiting on the guy to spawn. Will give it a try one more time today, if no luck then off to regular adventures.

Tome of Dark Power – Success


Last night Qindaar headed off to the Plane of Innovation for one last try at the last missing page he needed.  Almost as soon as he entered the zone he struck a jackpot, the final page to the Tome of Dark Power.  After handing in this book to the council member XP was granted and Qindaar went on his way.  He checked his bank and found he had one page to the Compendium, so ye went off to Dranik to see if he could get the other pages.  After a couple of hours he acquired one more page and he found the named MoB and killed him only to find that he was not carrying the page.  After a couple more hours Qindaar head back to the Guild Lobby without the third page.

Qindaar Back to Searching for the Pages

2015-03-04_13-52-43Qindaar has been searching for the lost pages of the Tome of Dark Power. He has managed to locate seven of the eight pages to date, just one page still eluding his search.  Once this page is located he will return to the original journey he was on, the Hero of EverQuest Journey.  This means a trip back to the Fortress of Mech and the dreaded Steam Factory.