EQ Updates/Patches Today

EQ 16th AnnivNew Updates

May 19, 2015

*** Highlights ***

– Added a search function for advanced loot filters.
– Improved the load speed of characters into the world and when reloading UI.
– Moved the advanced loot settings from the Edit Filters window into a new window.
– Corrected a problem that caused some events that take place in instanced zones, such as the Arcane Fair for the Wizard step of “An Epic Request”, to stop working.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Calix Quirinus (Raid) – Corrected a bug that caused messaging about Lanys’ Area of Effect attack to fail. Cut the radius of her targeted Area of Effect knockback in half.
– Calix Quirinus (Raid) – Corrected a bug that caused Arc Worker adds to change targets every 5 seconds instead of every 20 seconds as intended.

*** Spells ***

– Corrected a bug that caused adjustments to critical chance to also affect critical amount.
– Spells with ‘doom’ effects, such as Promised heals and Kron’s Maelstrom, should now stack more intelligently.

*** NPC ***

– All translocators can now see you if you are hiding or invisible.

*** AA ***

– AA abilities that place a ‘doomed’ effect on their target will now stack properly.
– Fixed a bug that allowed Enchanters to gain full control over summoned animations without purchasing the Animation Empathy AAs.
– Adjusted the way that the Eyes Wide Open line of AA abilities are granted to be more consistent between ranks. You will no longer be required to purchase any rank at a 0 cost. Additionally, all shrouds and template characters will have Eyes Wide Open granted to them innately so that all slots in the extended target window behave as expected, even in template form.

– Enchanter – Made the following adjustments to Gift of Hazy Thoughts:
— 1. Increased the proc chance from 5 to 8 percent.
— 2. The version of Chromatic Haze that is cast by Gift of Hazy Thoughts is now equivalent to rank 6 of the Chromatic Haze instead of rank 1.
— 3. The spell can now only be triggered when casting 0-duration direct damage spells with a non-zero cast time, minimum level of 85, and a mana cost

– Enchanter – Adjusted Sanguine Mind Crystal and Azure Mind Crystal in the following ways:
— 1. Summoning a Mind Crystal now has a 1 second cast time.
— 2. Summoning a Sanguine Mind Crystal now has a 5 minute recast timer.
— 3. Summoning an Azure Mind Crystal now has a 5 minute recast timer.
— 4. The Sanguine Mind Crystals summoned by the AA now share a lore group and 5 minute recast time.
— 5. The Azure Mind Crystals summoned by the AA now share a lore group and a 5 minute recast timer.
— 6. The mana cost for summoning a mind crystal is now twice the amount of hit points or mana returned by that crystal. In the case of rank 1 this is a mana cost reduction; for ranks 2-4 this is a mana cost increase.
— 7. Corrected a typo in the description for the amount of mana returned by Azure Mind Crystals.

– Monk – Restored the knockback on the spell Dragon Force. The monk skill Dragon’s Balance will now prevent Dragon Force from being cast while Dragon’s Balance Effect is active.

– Shaman – Corrected Extended Languid Bite so that it now functions as described.

– Wizard – The critical chance reduction on Arcane Fusion no longer reduces the critical damage as well.

*** Progression Servers ***

– The new Plane of Knowledge vendors that consolidate all tradeskill items have been restricted to The Darkened Sea or later.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– If you die in a load balanced instance of a zone that you are bound in, you will now respawn in your former instance instead of respawning in the base instance.
– Grouped players who are feared when an NPC that drops loot dies will now correctly see the items without having to re-login or re-zone.
– Fixed a bug with advanced looting occasionally not updating the window properly for non-master looters when an item is given to a player with many items in their shared list.
– Removed the 0.2 second weapon delay associated with using the /autofire command.
– Fixed an error that caused multiple polls to be listed in the incorrect order.

*** UI ***

– Fixed a crash with check boxes in the advanced loot system. – Fixed a client crash involving reloading the UI and changing race.
– Replaced a few logos and text references to reflect our new company name.

– Changed –


*** Previously Updated ***

– Spider’s Bite – The additional spiders in Dreadlands no longer leave a corpse, and there is now a limit to how many can spawn simultaneously.
– Corrected an issue that caused mercenaries to remain in their passive state when attempting to set them to other states.

– The EverQuest Team