Two Missions Completed Solo

1d992710ab22034c39422583551419f7This evening, Qindaar completed two missions solo.  They were

Captain Hiran Group #1: Stop the Contamination

Captain Hiran Group #2: A Dread Challenger

Both these missions required Qindaar to scout out Oceangreen Village and kill the threats that were either poisoning the supplies or killing off the villagers.  Tried these a few nights ago with no success, but tonight managed to pull them off on the first shot both times. Finishing these moved Qindaar one set closer to becoming a Here of EverQuest.  Now he is working in Blackburrow instance zones to complete that chain.

While the missions seemed difficult, running in a tight circle around the village and concentrating on the beach under the pier, the north and south ends behind the rocks proved the best route for both missions, although some people had said invis and hide in the building that hosed the supplies and wait for them to get there.  I did not try this tactic so I do not know how well it would work.