Excellent Time in Tainted West Karana

2015-12-12_21-38-45 2015-12-12_22-24-47Qindaar is now working his way through Tainted West Karana.  Here the levels are comparable to the MoB’s hitpoints so it is not as deadly when you go up against a MoB that is equal to your level or three below.  Qindaar has managed to get twenty percentage points into level one hundred so there is no need to worry about loosing the level should he die.  Tainted West Karana is also the entrance to the Hero Adventures for that extra little kick of XP but you really need to be grouped, three or more is comfortable or two with Merc’s can stand a chance.

Getting familiar with the lay of the land and accomplishing a few tasks, but really need to go back and pick up where Qindaar left off on his Hero of EverQuest Quest.