Moving Up and a New Staff

2016-02-09_09-37-50Qindaar is slowly moving up towards level 103.  He is now 53% of the way towards that mark.  He also managed to take a side trip and complete the Faydewar traveler achievement and will work on the others.  By doing this if give me an advantage of seeing zones I have never been in and to reminisce about those I spent far too much time in.

Qindaar also acquired a new staff a “Fused Coral Wand” with a few handy stats.

Magic, Lore, Attunable
Race: ALL

Size:MEDIUM AC: 71 Base Dmg: 121
Weight: 2.4 HP: 2506 Delay: 26
Req Level: 100 Mana: 2770
Skill:1H Blunt
Strength: 18 +7 Magic: 45 HP Regen: 2
Stamina: 27 +11 Fire: 45 Mana Regen: 3
Intelligence: 30 +12 Cold: 45 Spell Shield: 2
Wisdom: 20 Disease: 45 DoT Shield: 2
Agility: 26 +10 Poison: 45 Shielding: 2
Dexterity: 20 Dmg Shield: 1
Charisma: 24 +10 Stun Resist: 2
Avoidance: 5
Accuracy: 5
Heal Amount: 15
Spell Dmg: 30
Clairvoyance: 44
Slot 1, type 4 (Weapon: General): empty
Slot 2, type 20: empty


This has come in pretty handy. For a closer look at his overall stats visit his profile:

Spellcrafter Qindaar Osto
Male High Elf Wizard – Cazic-Thule
Member of <Veteran Crew>