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2015-10-23_10-00-34February 17, 2016

*** Highlights ***
– A new Legends of Norrath prize pack will be available March 1st! Look for Legend of the Dragonbrood in March for your last chance to buy Legend of the Storm Break, which is only available through February 29th!
– Type 9 armor augmentations found in The Broken Mirror now fit into range and charm slot items as intended.
– Changed how AA Weapon Stances work, and created a new version of the ability for Shadowknights and Paladins.

*** Items ***
– Corrected a bug that prevented Boon of the Seeress from functioning on Emblazoned Belt of Boromas.
– A new Legends of Norrath prize pack will be available March 1st! Legend of the Dragonbrood contains prizes from the Legends of Norrath sets Dragonbrood – The Anarchs, Legacies, and Priestess of the Anarchs.
– Don’t miss your last chance to buy Legend of the Storm Break, which is only available through February 29th!
– Corrected an error with the Legend of the Storm Break that would cause it to require a re-roll in very rare cases.
– Increased the backstab damage on Tarantella from Maestro of Rancor in Plane of Hate: Revisited to its intended value.
– Type 9 armor augmentations found in The Broken Mirror now fit into range and charm slot items as intended.
– Corrected the missing 43% haste on the following belts: Feral Tatters, Lordship Belt, and Sash of Triumphant Return.
– Deathseeker’s Loremaster Breastplate now has the same version of Ionian Arpeggio as the Darkwater Loremaster Breastplate.
– The Dualities of Life and Decay, the Quintessences of Health and Decay, and the Synthesis of Sul can now be destroyed if you do not need to use them.
– The shoulder equipment Leatherfoot Sandals has been renamed Leatherfoot Mantle.
– Made the following adjustments to the stats on items found in The Broken Mirror:
– – Armor sets with alternate wrist armor have been updated so that the bracers have matching stats.
– – Added missing mana to Anthemion Wristguard, Gloves, Boots; Umbral Platemail Helm, Vambraces, Greaves, and Breastplate; Vermiculated Bracelet, Gloves, and Boots; Imbrued Platemail Bracers, Gauntlets, and Boots; Insidious Halo, Sleeves, Pantaloons, and Robe.
– – Increased the AC on the Deathseeker’s Mindlock armor set to provide the intended increase over the previous tier of armor.
– – Removed the endurance stat from visible armor for clerics, druids, shaman, necromancers, wizards, magicians, and enchanters.
– – Reduced the variance in resist stats for all equipment.
– – Increased the base stats, heroic stats, hit points, mana and endurance on two-handed type 9 augments to provide the intended increase over previous tier items.
– – Normalized the base stats on visible armor by tier and class.
– – Increased the stats on Mask of Immortal End and Hardened Mask of Immortal End.
– – Increased the AC on non-visible gear by approximately 10% for raid items and approximately 25% for non-scaling group items.
– – Increased the AC on bows to more closely match other range slot items.
– – Corrected the modifiers on raid armor and gear so that they provide the intended increase over the previous tier.
– Corrected an issue where some ranks of Illusionary Spikes did not have permanent duration.

*** Quests And Events ***
– In Defense of Health – Fixed an issue that was causing enemies not to spawn in one of the versions of this Heroic Adventure.
– Fate Rewards the Bold – Fixed the issue that prevented the third element in these adventures from displaying correctly.
– Wither and Decay (Raid) – The progressive Withering debuffs will now be applied, increased, and removed in a way that is easier to understand.
– Wither and Decay (Raid) – The Withering Limbs debuff should no longer have stacking issues with beneficial effects and is less severe at ranks 1-4.
– Wither and Decay (Raid) – Wither and Decay will no longer auto-aggro players upon resurrection or zone in, though you will still receive Wither’s debuffs for arriving while the raid is in progress.
– Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Group & Raid) – If Anashti Sul initiates a Mortal Decay warning in her phase 2 and transitions to phase 3 before it fires, she will no longer cast the Mortal Decay spell.  If she’s enraged, however, she’ll Mortal Decay all she wants.
– Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Group) – Spell damage and self-healing values have been toned down dramatically.
– Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Group) – Anashti Sul will use Poison Blast half as often.
– The Triune God (Raid & Group) – Fixed a zone crash when a certain combination of debuffs were placed on an NPC.
– In Defense of Health – Removed an entry for an unknown zone from the find window.
– Defense of the Village – Handing in trap making materials to a Kirathas Hunter will no longer update the task multiple times and reimburse some of the components.
– Lowered the volume of the sound effect that plays when completing a quest.

*** Spells ***
– Reworked how spell effects are attached to spells to allow for greater flexibility in the number of effects and also how they stack.
– Corrected an issue that prevented damage over time spells that increase in severity over their duration from landing if their target had regeneration effects in the same slot.
– The spell Alter Plane: Sky will no longer remove all its targets’ buffs when it lands.
– Corrected an issue where spells that have a hate override value and deal damage were unintentionally generating twice the expected hatred.
– – Spells that were intentionally designed to generate the owner more hatred have had their hatred values doubled in order to maintain consistent hatred generation for those classes.
– – The net result of this fix should be that non-tank focused damage dealing classes should generate less hatred with some of their spells.
– – Corrected an issue where spells that deal a percentage of the target’s health or spells with mana burn effects were not generating hatred equal to the base damage value of the spell.
– Necromancer – The Call Skeleton line of spells have been placed on a shared recast timer. Corrected messaging errors in some early ranks of the line.

*** NPCs ***
– Most Necromancer NPCs will no longer cast the ‘Scent of’ line of spells.

*** AA ***
– Fixed an issue that caused ranks 2-3 of the wizard AA abilities Translocate and Teleport to send their targets to invalid locations.
– Made the following adjustments to the hatred generated by pets dealing melee damage:
– – Removed the alternate abilities Companion’s Calm Demeanor and Companion’s Provocative Demeanor and instead adjusted the amount of hatred that a pet generates via its melee attacks to be dependent upon whether pet taunt is enabled.
– – Enabling taunt for your summoned pet will cause its melee attacks to generate more hatred than they would if taunt were disabled.
– – Charmed pets and temporary (swarm) pets such as the Magician Rampaging Servant line will generate hatred equivalent to the rate they would if taunt were enabled.
– Added a new passive AA ability for Paladins and Shadowknights named Knight’s Sedulity that is granted at level 85 with the release of Underfoot. This ability provides a reduction to incoming melee damage.
– Made the following adjustments to the Weapon Stances offered by the AA ability Combat Proficiency:
– – The abilities 2-Handed Weapon Proficiency, Dual-Wielded Weapon Proficiency, and Defensive Proficiency have been removed and are now defunct. You will need to set up new hotkeys for Combat Proficiency.
– – The base ability Combat Proficiency has been renamed Weapon Stances and has been changed to a toggled AA ability similar to Bold Attacks.
– – Enabling Weapon Stances will allow your weapon configuration to determine which stance buff to apply.
– – Changing the weapons in your primary and secondary slots will now automatically apply the correct stance buff.
– – Disabling Weapon Stances will remove any active stance buff.
– – Adjusted the spell stacking of the three stance buffs to reduce conflicts with other spells. The primary impact of this change is that activating a defensive ability will no longer cause Defensive Proficiency to be removed.
– – A knight specific version of the Weapon Stances ability is now available for purchase for Paladins and Shadowknights.
– Corrected an issue where the AA abilities Bind Sight, Mindless Hatred, and Preincarnation were conflicting with the reuse timer for Companion’s Aegis.
– Necromancer – Adjusted the minimum mana focus restriction on Gift of Deathly Resolve and Deathly Resolve from 10 to 100 points.
– Wizard – Corrected an implementation error with ranks 13-16 of Mana Burn that allowed the debuff to increase the damage of non-instant duration spells.
– Lowered the volume of the sound effect that plays when earning a new AA point.

*** Progression Servers ***
– Increased the experience multiplier on Phinigel, Lockjaw, and Ragefire.
– Server specific experience multipliers on Phinigel, Lockjaw, and Ragefire will now impact the experience granted from completing tasks and quests.
– Removed a non-functioning sword from the Progression instances of the Plane of Hate.

*** Tradeskills ***
– Changed the dodge effect granted by Enchanted Sugar Cakes to match other effects from the era.

*** Miscellaneous ***
– A number of changes have been made to the Taunt skill:
– – Corrected a longstanding bug with pet taunt which resulted in pets having a 0% chance to successfully taunt their target.
– – Corrected a bug that could result in Warriors failing to taunt their target if the taunt button was used too rapidly.
– – Increased the overall success rate of taunt, most notably reducing the rate that taunt will fail against higher level targets.
– – Increased the total hatred granted by a successful taunt to 2% more hatred than the most hated target.
– – Added a 2% chance for a successful taunt to result in 10% more hatred than the most hated target.
– – Modified the result of a failed taunt attempt to give the taunter a chance of adding more hatred.
– – Adjusted the success rate of pet taunt to match the same logic that player taunt uses.
– – Added messaging for both player and pet taunt to more clearly inform the user to what degree they or their pet succeeded or failed.
– Players, pets, and mercenaries will no longer emit idle sound effects. This should reduce the cacophony caused by a number of relatively boisterous illusions.
– The music that plays when you die will no longer loop while you are in hover mode.
– Many Velious zones will spin up new instanced versions when they are populated by enough adventurers.
– Name changes that fail will now include more details about why they failed.
– Removed the ability for pets to attack invisible event controllers on purpose or by accident.
– Plane of Hate: Revisited and Plane of Fear: Revisited – These zones will now allow you to place and teleport to guild banners as well as place but not teleport to fellowship campfires.
– Plane of Hate: Revisited – Adjusted the aggro-pathing in an effort to alleviate the likelihood that denizens of the plane will opt to use rooftops to reach their target.

*** UI ***
– When using advanced looting and right clicking on a corpse you have access to, it will now open the advanced loot window.
– Auto crouch is now disabled by default.
– Added an Event Messages chat filter. It is not fully utilized yet, but future event messages will be placed in this chat filter.
– Attempting to camp while over the parcel limit will now prompt you to retrieve the parcels.  You can turn this confirmation box off in the options window.
– Massaged some typos and bad grammar out of the game.
– In the Bazaar, the default for the Max Results per Trader field is now 20 from 200.
– Fixed an issue in the claim window which caused it to lock up when attempting to claim a lore item that you already owned.
– Fixed an item preview issue for Drakkin models so that it now correctly matches the color and tattoo settings of the player character.
– Changed the auto-attack on assist setting so that it persists per character instead of per client. New and existing characters will have this toggled on by default. Please use the command /assist on or /assist off to toggle this setting for each individual character going forward.

– Changed –

*** Previously Updated ***
– High Bokon Boromas (Raid) – High Bokon Boromas will no longer lock his health immediately on engage.
– Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Raid and Group) – Removed the corpse cleanup functionality from these events in order to prevent situations where Anashti Sul’s corpse could not be looted.

– The EverQuest Team