Game Updates for November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018

*** Items ***

– If a player purchases item(s) from the marketplace, and all inventory and bank slots are filled, then items will now be placed in Item Overflow instead of causing the purchase to fail.
– Added a new type of item, lore equipped items. Players can own many of these items, but may only wear one at a time.
– Corrected the typo on the spell for Lifesoothing Potion
– Corrected the spelling of several ‘Crystalized’ items to be ‘Crystallized’ items.

*** Spells ***

– Added messaging when a spell fails to hit a target due to being in a different environment than the caster.
– Healing spells now report actual and potential healing to all players in the area. Added an additional chat filter option to turn off heals that land for zero.
– Paladin – Corrected an inconsistency in the maximum targets hit by the Splash of Sanctification. All ranks are now unlimited as intended.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Changed how guild data works on the server to help alleviate server lag.

*** UI ***

– Added chat messages for player summoned healing auras.
– Fixed an issue where players with large bags could not open all of their bags at once.

– The EverQuest Team