Derevaun Hits 100

It was a bit time consuming but in the end it worked, in two weeks time I managed to move my Cleric from Level 98 to Level 100.  I jumped for joy when the level sound was made.  Some may call it cheating but once I found a Quest that was repeatable and worth both toons, Qindaar and Derevaun’s time, it was worth the effort.  I must have run that quest at least 18 times.  The nice part was Qindaar received 6 AA each time while Derevaun eked out anywhere from 8 to 12 percent XP.  May try running it again at 100 and see what the results are.  It claims 3 percent XP to go from 100 to 101.  Spending a lot of time in Shard’s Landing.