EverQuest Updates December 7, 2021

*** Highlights ***

– The shadows cast by the light of Luclin have been whispering of intrigues. The Akheva are on the move, striving to reassert their power and rebuild their moon-wide empire. Amidst the turmoil of their actions, rumors abound. Mayong Mistmoore has been seen on Luclin. The only known truth is that the master vampire has since disappeared into the shadows and even his devoted followers and sycophants have begun to worry.
— Reach the new maximum level of 120.
— Learn new spells, combat abilities, and Alternate Abilities.
— Find new items and learn new tradeskill recipes.
— Explore seven new zones.
— Participate in new raids and quests.
— Gain a new teleportation item key ring.
— Complete new achievements.
— To join the investigation, seek out a concerned shade in the Nexus.

*** Items ***

– Fixed lore text grammar issues for the Satchel of the Combine Hero.
– Small Bottle of Soy Sauce can now be stacked.
– Moved keys into achievements for easy tracking.
– Fixed an issue that prevented the Hole Key from saving to your list of /keys.
– Fixed an issue that prevented Veeshan’s Key from saving to your list of /keys after the arrival of Dry Sapara.

*** NPCs ***

– New merchants have moved into the Guild Lobby.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Miragul will no longer show an unlock for Terror of Luclin on the calendar.
– Fixed an issue with expansion unlock voting on Ragefire.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Added a new key ring for Teleportation Items.
– Addressed an issue with the Advanced Loot system where multiple counts of the same item couldn’t be properly assigned to people or left on the corpse.

*** UI ***

– Changed /keys to toggle the display of the General > Keys achievements category in the achievement window, replacing the old behavior of listing key text in the chat window.
– Fixed a custom UI crash when trying to render decal files that don’t exist in the default UI.
– Fixed a visual bug that could occur when moving items from inventory slots into key ring slots.
– The “Players not in a group” section of the raid window can now be resized instead of having to scroll through it.

– Changed –


– The EverQuest Team