And the Hunt Continues

Qindaar continues his push to accomplish all the Hunters Achievements.  He is currently in JaggedPines with many rare MoB’s to find yet.  On average he manages to get one kill a day.  Sometimes it is frustrating that he can spend days in equivalent hours before one spawns.  He has to overcome the urge to give up and move on.  Something that is very hard if you are impatient as I am.

Once he manages this, I will post a list of hunter achievements he has completed.  But alas, there are hundreds more to do.  One thing I can say, that it is fun to go back to all the old zones and experience them all again.  EverQuest is such a large land that all too often we forget the good old days.  The old MoB’s once you see them again bring back such memories, and now they can’t kill you any longer that you can enjoy the vastness of the zone.