Tome of Dark Power Nearing Completion

id10240[1]Qindaar is halfway through finding the missing pages to the Tome of Dark Power.  Doing the quest does not really add value to Qindaar’s power base but it does give you to opportunity to visit the lower Planes.  Been spending time in the Plane of Innovation, The Plane of Disease, The Plane of Justice and the Plane of Nightmare.

This has been a break for Qindaar to get away from the task line in the Steam Factory and the Mech Fortress.  Sometimes there are just too many things to accomplish in one area and you eventually bore of it, so taking a break gives you new insight into the zone the next time you venture in.  It is not unusual for Qindaar to have fifteen different task or quests to do in many different zones. Right now he is focused on cleaning things that have been started but never completed.  Need room in the bank!