One more Item to Go!

EQ 16th AnnivQindaar has been working diligently to finish up the last task for the Steam Fortress to move on.  He is currently collecting the four items he needs for part a current quest, The Lost Lumpling.

Loot 1 Nightmare Haunch 0/1 (Loping Plains)  COLLECTED
Loot 1 Ancient Animated Flesh 0/1 (Hills of Shade) PENDING (working)
Loot 1 Bloody Shadowmane Fur 0/1 (Loping Plains)  COLLECTED
Loot 1 Worg Scent Gland 0/1 (Bloodmoon Keep)  COLLECTING

Create 1 Bloodwolf Spirit Pouch using tradeskills 0/1 (ALL)

Bring Bloodwolf’s Spirit Pouch to a place near Lamperious 0/1 (Fortress Mechanotus)

So you can see he has been working the cemetery over and over to get the Ancient Animated Flesh.  According to websites the odds of getting this are four percent.  I must have killed at least fifty Ancients so far without scoring.   Will keep on trying, would love to move on to OceanHill Greens.