Frustration Arises

EQ 16th AnnivWhile Qindaar was working the Lost Lumpling Quest which is quite a complex quest, the Blood Wolf was leading Qindaar to the next clue when some fellow players mistook the Blood Wolf for a MoB and attacked and killed it.  Since then Qindaar has been unable to restart the quest.  Very frustrated, too far into it cancel it and start over he just wants to leave this zone and move on, so at this point that is what he is doing and dumping the last five quests in this series and moving on to OceanHill Greens.

It was a good thing that this was not a Player vs Player server, Qindaar nuked the hell out if the fellow player to get his attention, but it was too late.  They apologized but once again, too late.

I RL, Vmalice is quite busy with work and Valmantia as well, I hope to see them both online soon.