EQ Updates for June 2022

June 7, 2022

*** Highlights ***

– Torment of Velious is now free-to-play on Test and Live servers.
– Enjoy new seasonal Overseer quests and agents. See Overseer section below for more information.

*** Items ***

– Familiars available from the Ogre Heritage Crate will now show a casting bar when being used as a pet illusion.
– The Animated Pawn Familiar is now a more reasonable size when used as a pet illusion.
– The Infected Rat Familiar will now have the correct appearance when used as a pet illusion.
– The Tradable: Teleport Item Key Ring Slot (5) will now only convert if the player owns the Teleport Item Key Ring Slot feature.
– Frightening Flatbread and Ashen Apple Juice are now No-Trade.
– Pliant Purity Peridot can now be slotted into primary, secondary, and range items.
– Currency rewards offered by the Bag of Currency can now be claimed on all server types if the appropriate expansion is available.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Tome of New Beginnings (Tacvi Raid) – The remains of Prathun, Rashere, Vahlara, and Valtron will now appear in consistent locations.

*** Spells ***

– Corrected an issue where charmed pets were limited to 10 buffs.
– Berserker, Monk, Rogue, Warrior – Fixed a bug that caused Composite/Dichotomic/Dissident combat abilities to trigger twice upon activation.
– Divine Intermediation and similar spells now report the name of the spell instead of ‘Unknown Spell’ when triggered.

*** Overseer ***

– New Agents and Quests for Scorched Skies
– – Several new agents specific to the Scorched Skies event are coming to Overseer in July.
– – A new line of event quests are also coming in July, featuring new job and trait combinations exclusive to the new event agents. These can be earned as rewards for completing the quests.
– New Overseer Event Agent Packs will be available during seasonal events.
– – The Scorched Skies Pack, available on the marketplace in July.
– – The Nights of the Dead Pack, available on the marketplace in October.
– – The Frostfell Pack, available on the marketplace in December.
– – These packs each grant 12 agents belonging to their respective events.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Added missing unlock events for the Vaniki server.
– The Berserker epic NPCs will allow players level 36 and up to participate on Level Locked Progression servers.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Torment of Velious is now free-to-play on Test and Live servers.
– Removed the minimum level requirement to use /autoskill.
– Bug reports (/bug) will now prompt you for information, copy the relevant information to your clipboard, and open up the Bug Reports section of the forums to create a new post.
– Fixed an issue that would prevent a player’s Dragon’s Hoard from being included in server transfers.

*** UI ***

– Added ‘Leave All’ buttons to the Advanced Loot window for both Personal and Shared Loot.
– Updated the Inventory window to show 7-digit HP, mana, and endurance values.
– Updated the Combat Skills Selection Window to save and persist adjusted column sizes and layout settings.

– Changed –


*** Previously Updated ***

– Corrected an issue where beneficial dispel and certain detrimental dispel effects (such as Splash of Repentance) did not remove any buffs/debuffs.
– Apprentice mercenaries may now be purchased and used by all free-to-play accounts.
– The agent of change in Feerrott, South Ro, and Paineel will send you to the ‘original version’ progression instances until Omens of War unlocks.
– Corrected an issue where the Level Locked Progression ruleset did not apply a 10 level offset when entering Plane of Fear, Plane of Growth, Temple of Veeshan, and Plane of Mischief.
– Corrected an issue where the bonus loot modifier did not apply to NPC equipment. This affects NPCs such as Lord Bergurgle, Lord Gimblox, and Lord Yelinak.
– Corrected an issue on Level Locked Progression servers where certain stun spells would only work on NPCs up to level 10.

– The EverQuest Team