Hi all, I don’t usually rant about somethings publicly like this but I am really irked.  I bought this new desktop almost 3 years ago. Top of the line at the time since I usually keep a machine a good 6 to 8 years.

When I bought this machine I put in a reasonably top of the line

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 – 6GB GDDR6 (VR-Ready)-

Once I got the machine I had constant trouble with it.  Especially black screens after exiting games, and also high GPU heat.  I tried everything known to man to rectify the issue.  The internet showed hundreds of people complaining of the same issues.  Unfortunately, this is the same time that GPU’s sky rocketed due to chip shortages and people hording them to mine crypto.

Finely the prices came down and I swapped ot the Nvidia card for an Asus RTX 6600 Rogue Strix.  What a wonderful GPU, all my problems disappeared and I can once again enjoy gaming.

I will never again purchase and Nvidia card again, it left a very sour taste in my mouth.