Exciting Times in a New Zone

2015-02-07_20-33-48 2015-02-07_22-44-01 2015-02-07_23-35-34Over the Weekend, Friday night, Saturday night Vmalice and Qindaar teamed up and ventured into new zones to collect collectables. We spent many an hour in the zones pictured above and not one collectable dropped although previously, without Qindaar, Vmalice had amassed quite a few collectables.  This is not a zone that Qindaar can go to alone, everything was level ninety seven to one hundred five, so it would be a massacre.  Qindaar even had the opportunity to meet a fellow guild member.

Overall it was a good couple of nights with Qindaar getting a new ring and new shoulder pads, although the pads are useless until he gets to level one hundred.

Meanwhile back at the Steam Factory, Qindaar has managed to evade death and has three of the four items needed to complete the quest with several more lined up to finish up the Fortress area.  Looking forward to moving on.