Looks Like Help is Needed Soon

2014-12-01_12-23-29Qindaar is really progressing up the chain of progressions, advancements etc. Starting into the level seventy plus stuff now and is leaning more on his mercenaries.  Not so much for the named MoBs but for all the little stuff that comes along with it.

Just finished up a chain of task for the little guy above and venturing deeper into Direwind.  Still have a mapping exploration to finish up before delving into the harder things.

I had a second account on EverQuest so I ask a good friend if he would be interested in tagging along.  If he decides to, then maybe between us we will have enough to do some missions, I believe they allow Mercenaries to count. I hope he decides to play, I think between Qindaar, Vmalice and Valmantia we can get that level sixty six up to our levels or even better, if he enjoys the game we can pitch in and get him Heroic status to level eighty five, but first he has to try the game out. It would be great to have a real cleric in the group so we can use more hard hitters and not worry as much about dying.