Shield of the Otherworld

2014-12-08_21-23-39Qindaar has been extremely busy the past two days working on this four part chain quest “Shield of the Otherword”.  It has actually been quite a fun time doing this as a solo act.  Killing MoB’s over and over again to get the Named MoB to spawn and take them down for the piece needed to turn in.

I believe this is the last quest in the seiries for Vergalid Mines or at least I hope so. I really do not want to have to deal with that dragon at the bottom.

Qindaar is exticed, the 17th of December is getting close and hopefully his old buddy character Daravin will make a comeback to the game.  Oce that happens, he will tag along with Qindaar to gain XP and watch how the game is played.