How Many Turtles???

id23366Qindaar set out yesterday to finish the “Disrupting the Mines” task for the Hero’s Progression.  Had to collect four turtle eggs.  No big deal collected two yesterday right off the bat so getting four would be no problem…three hours later and only two in hand…five hours later finally had four.  Qindaar cleared the zone at least eight times during that period.  Got great XP, even though it was all green and light blue, but it was still XP.

Qindaar made several AA points, have 23 stacked up waiting to apply, just unsure what would be worthy of the application, again, research is needed.

Missed Vmalice last night, noticed he was online, but AFK, maybe tonight…Still waiting to see if my friend here in PS loads up EQ and brings Derevan back to life.

Qindaar also had to wade deep into Direwind last night to Ashengate. Encountered two huge Stone Guards at the gate entrance.  Qindaar was invisible but checked to make sure he was not seen, but yes they could see invis and yes I was an enemy.  Managed to take them both down and the nice thing was they were both Dark Blue which meant they were only one to five levels below me.  Great XP there!

To finish up this Quest, Qindaar needs to venture deep into the Vergald Mines, so far nothing in there sees invis, but we shall find out today.