“Shield of the Otherworld”

3f362a51525bd86fb82a04be8c9583d9Qindaar did it, he managed to get the all the pieces needed, eighteen in all for the Augmentation piece “Shield of the Otherworld”  Qindaar spent at least two weeks on acquiring this augmentation, spent four days camped in Ashengate and battles so many battles he cannot remember how many, but it paid off.  Towards the end he thought for sure that he would never be able to complete and go back to Guild Lobby for buffs, but after ever battle he sat and regenerated his Manna with a Manna regeneration spell always on the ready.  The problem with the Manna regen spell is it has a twelve second cast time, with means nothing can touch him for a full twelve seconds while he casts it, which makes it difficult to use in battle.

So now Qindaar heads off to the Burning Sea to see what damage he can do there.  I know there is “Monkey Business” afoot.