Close Call

2014-12-08_21-23-39Qindaar was working on his Heroic Quests and went into battle against Oblivion without realizing that this is a raid encounter.  Needless to say he died and when this happened he lost his level ninety three.  Oh horrors, even after the rez he was still shy of XP to regain his level, none of his spells worked he was in trouble.

Qindaar immediately ran off to a zone that he knew would give him the XP he needed and quickly, back to the Mines to slay Undead Golems.  After about eight to ten kills he regain his level and went back to questing.  Qindaar is now working in the Buried Sea, a whole new refreshing zone on the water with beaches, palm trees, tall ship transportation among the islands and of course Pirates.

Wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas day!