DING! 91

2014-12-08_21-23-39Qindaar managed to move up a level last night thanks to Vmalice and his buddy Scabba, who plays a Monk.  We ran the three dailies and then pummeled MoB’s in the Valley, mostly red and yellow cons to me.  It was great playing with them and look forward to our next adventure.

In the mean time, Qindaar is still focused on the Hero’s progression and spending way too much time underground in the Mines of Valgrad.  I think there is only one more task to do before heading off to new lands and new adventures.  Qindaar shold be able to post on this tomorrow.

Have a friend here in PS that may be starting up playing an old cleric account I have somewhere around the seventeenth of this month.  I hope he enjoys playing, between Qindaar and Vmalice, we run him through a few dailies and we can have him up to snuff in no time.