WooHoo Ding 93!

2014-12-05_15-22-57Qindaar had an excellent weekend, double XP was offered all weekend, Qindaar moved up 2 levels to 93, awesome!  A special thanks to Vmalice, Valmantia and Skantonboy for doing daily’s yesterday and hanging in there until be all DINGED.

Qindaar is still working on the Hero’s Achievement which is moving along more slowly as he gets deeper into the content.  The MoB’s are becoming more fierce and the tasks more difficult, but he is still trudging along.  Qindaar will soon be entering the Burning Sea content with all ne challenges, luckily he has Enduring Breath and can stay underwater indefinitely since there seems to be a lot of underwater content here.  Just a couple of more items to wrap up in the other zones and then a whole new adventure awaits.